About the MtR Program


What is Merge to Retire TM

Merge to Retire TM is a program designed to assist older accounting practitioners improve their business exit.

In doing so, the program provides acquisition opportunities for sole practitioners, ‘tuck in’ leads for bigger firms, alternatives for experienced Partners looking to leave large city based firms to improve work / life balance and the chance for aspiring practitioners looking to go into business for the first time.


How has this program emerged?

Having operated in the accounting firm transactional space for many years,  MARTINI ONLY (MO) has designed this program in response to its industry insight which indicates that older practitioners (Baby Boomers) have a reluctance to retire and thus are not looking to sell their firms outright.

The experience has been that these Baby Boomers would rather wind back and exit over time.


Who’s involved and who does the program help?

We have two parties… the Merge‘or’ and the Retire‘ee’.

The Merge‘or’ is looking to grow or a start a practice.

The Retire‘ee’ is looking to reduce working hours, remove “noise” (admin tasks, job reviews, staff issues) and gain some succession certainties.


How it works

  • Merge‘or’ lists their intentions with MARTINI ONLY (MO) who activity seeks a Retire‘ee’ and facilitates initial discussions. Objective is to quickly assess “cultural fit”
  • Retire‘ee’ goes through ‘Ready to Merge’ program – a strategic review and gap analysis planning process designed to put the Retire‘ee’ into the best possible position before a transaction
  • Terms and timeframes are agreed by the parties
  • Merge is implemented with ‘Post Transaction’ Plan implementation


Why it works

It ticks some important boxes for the Retire‘ee’ – easier run into retirement, opportunity to mentor and pass on the grey hair experience, enduring legacy opportunity, succession and security around the final years of service with a guaranteed plan, and price, for exit.